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5 Ways Tablets Are Better Than Laptops

What device do you use for computing on the go? Do you still rely heavily on your laptop, or have you transitioned to your smartphone and tablet? A tablet is a portable device that is built on a mobile operating platform. Their rise in popularity could be attributed to the fact that they’re more lightweight and thus more portable than laptops.

If you’re someone constantly on the go, here are 5 ways that a tablet might be the better choice for mobile computing.


Tablets are thinner, lighter and a lot more portable than laptops. Walking around with a 4-6 pound device could become a burden when you’re carrying it all day. A tablet that is less than one pound would seem like a welcome relief. When you’re mobile with your laptop in tow, you’ll need to have the right bag to keep your laptop safe. While you’ll need a case to protect your tablet, it is nowhere near the preparation required when you’re moving with a laptop. Grab your tablet, and you’re out the door.


The functionality of tablets where questionable with the first models, but as technology increases people are doing more and more on their tablets. Virtual keyboards, USB ports, Wi-Fi and other features all help to improve the tablet’s functionality. This is good since people won’t have to carry both their laptop and tablet along with them as they did in the early days. While tablets can in no way completely replace laptops, there is a lot you can get done while you’re on the go.

Less Cumbersome

It takes a lot of effort and maneuvering to work on a laptop while in a taxi or on a flight. You have to get the computer out of your bag, find a flat surface and keep it steady during the ride. It’s virtually impossible to type while walking around with a laptop. All these challenges are removed when working with the less cumbersome tablet.

Battery Life

Even with improvements on the longevity of batteries for laptops, most of them won’t go beyond 4 hours on battery power. Tablets, on the other hand, will go for hours without needing a recharge.


A tablet will provide almost all the same functions as a laptop, but it is a bit more versatile. Your tablet will take photos and record videos much like your smartphone. Use it as an e-reader for catching up on your reading while you’re on the go. These are things that you’ll never be able to do with a laptop. This is why the functionality of tablets fall midway between a laptop and a smartphone. They provide the best of both worlds.

While a tablet has some distinct advantages over a laptop, there are some tasks for which they’ll never be suitable. Therefore, a tablet cannot be your sole computing device. Consider the pros and cons of both devices and choose the best one for the task at hand.

Sam Jones knows that chnology doesn’t stand still. He intends to trade in his laptop for money and upgrade to the latest model.

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