If you’re a business owner, independent professional or freelance designer you obviously know how important responsive design is. There were days when the biggest worry of a designer was about how to make a website IE6 compliant, while these days designers and developers have to build websites with a lot of new browsers, operating systems and screen sizes in mind. The number of these combinations doesn’t seem to shrink in numbers, so it makes sense to familiarize yourself with the principles and importance of RWD as soon as possible ifRead More
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
The famed and long-lived Blackberry has a new, attractive phone on offer, a phone that aims to be as hip and sleek as any of the touch screen phones out there. While the keyboard is Blackberry’s claim to fame (or one of them), there are also touch features which round out the phone’s impeccable performance. On the other side of the coin are comparable phones that are touch only, and the issue is one of a personal nature, or business, if that is where your phone will be taking you.Read More
Now that the excitement of Christmas is over for another year, we are left with the reality that there are still a good few months of cold weather ahead of us as winter gets into full swing. However, there’s no need to let Jack Frost get you down too much as our good old friend ‘technology’ has got our backs. Recent winters have been particularly arduous and with experts predicting large amounts of snow in some areas again this year, you may need to turn to a few of theseRead More
Choosing an SEO company is a difficult decision that can make or break your website ranking. With hundreds of companies out there, deciphering the good from the bad can be more than difficult. Narrowing down the selection can be tiring and you may encounter those SEO companies that aren’t even there to help you in the first place, rather take your hard-earned money and deliver nothing. When you are hiring an SEO company, make the selection a bit simpler by looking for the following five qualities. A company that providesRead More
Companies are striving to cut down on their expenses in order to maximise profits. Some of the expenditures that companies have to incur are usually marketing costs. In order to cut down on marketing costs, companies usually evaluate the impact of each marketing campaign and determine the return on investment. This has led to companies using techniques like SMS marketing in order to reach out to many customers. A company that makes use of SMS marketing can benefit in a great way. Immediate and Accurate Communication It takes a veryRead More
Remember the old days when people dreamed of cars like the DeLorean that could travel back in time well that is still not quite possible but the self-driving car is possible. It is amazing what can be engineered together, early 2000 films like Arnie’s The Sixth Day show autonomous-driving cars, so the vision is clearly not just a mid-60’s phase. So, how has this been developed you may be asking yourself? Like anything with technology, it’s hard to make something commercial for the masses when it costs a large amount,Read More
There are a lot of people who look at getting either the Samsung S4 or the LG G2. If you are one of these people then you should consider the similarities and differences in your choice. When you know about these you will be able to determine which phone you want to get. The Design of the Phone Both of these phones have been made with polycarbonate instead of aluminium. This means that the designs are very similar in terms of feel. However, the S4 offers a flat backed design,Read More
If you work online and run a website, then you are probably something of a technophile and you probably have at least some interest in how machines work. This in turn also makes you likely to be someone who is ‘systems minded’ and thus likely to approach things in terms of logic patterns and in terms of hacking. As anyone who is really systems minded should know, anything can be ultimately summed up as a system, and as such almost anything can be hacked. This includes the human brain whichRead More